You can Build Networking even being a student in Australia.

In search of a life full of excitement and new experiences, I decided to embark on an adventure and move to Australia. This journey began with:

1- Choosing the visa: due to the conditions, the student visa was my best option. This visa presented fewer requirements and seemed to be the most suitable for my situation.
2- Overcoming my fears: Despite having my American visa denied three times, I risked it and applied for the Australian one.

In this process, I found inspiration and guidance in Marcela, a cousin I did not know, but I knew existed. Marce is an engineer and a woman who was in her process for residence in Australia, she became my role model. It was she who advised me to quote with agencies in Australia, and here I leave this first tip that proved invaluable to me.

1- Quote with agencies in Australia and Colombia(your country), doing so allowed me to compare and choose the best option for me.Once in Australia, this is what I did based on the advice from Marce and study agencies.
2-Study English in the morning. This not only allowed me to improve my language skills, but also opened doors to new cultures and opportunities. (in the evening there tends to be many Spanish-speaking students)
3- I attended free extracurricular classes, these prepared me for the working world, helped me build my resume, and meet people from all over the world.
4- I met entrepreneurial and focused people, This helped me plot my path. Among the people I met, I highlight Edna, a businesswoman who encouraged me to start my own cleaning business. This was one of the most important steps in my life in Australia. I always strived to give my best, which finally opened doors for me even in the professional field.
5- Finally, I always told the world I was a professional. This was always Mace's advice, and despite the fact that many didn't believe I would achieve it, I kept doing it. After two years being a cleaner, I was hired as a Workflow Analyst.

To summarize, here are the four tips I followed and which were the most effective in my journey:

1- Do your best, no matter what you're doing.
2- Live and enjoy the process. If you don't want to be a cleaner, you can change it. Live this stage as an adventure.
3- When you feel tired of what you are doing, it is your time to jump and risk changing.
4- Build relationships that add to you and make sure to add to the people around you.

Author: Dani Santa

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