My First experience in Australia

When I arrived in Australia, I realized that my profession as a chef provided me with a quick entry into the job market. This advantage, along with my ability to communicate in English, opened several doors that facilitated my growth. I arrived in Australia thanks to a friend who already lived here. My desire to explore and live new experiences pushed me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to work as a chef, but in a different context than a restaurant or cafe in a big city. Thus, seeking to experience Australian culture and customs in another framework, and with the goal of improving my English, I ventured into my first job in Australia: I applied for employment opportunities at ski resorts for the winter season.

What I experienced was more than just living in the mountains during the winter season. My first winter work experience, which was supposed to last 3 months, extended into the summer, as I proved to be a reliable and committed worker, just like Latinos. This meant being on the mountain for two consecutive years. During this time, I not only got to know Australian culture, but I also learned a lot about myself, strengthened my character, and opened my mind to new opportunities.

During this period, my learning was invaluable.

1-I discovered the importance of networking,
especially in a new country.
2-I learned to draft my resume according to Australian standards and to build and maintain new relationships.
3-I understood that others' work ethics are not my problem and that focusing on giving my best opened doors for me.
4-I learned to set my boundaries and to identify those who contribute to achieving goals.
5-I understood that teamwork is fundamental and that demonstrating the value I can bring is key to improving my networking.

Doing things well led me to more opportunities. I established bonds of trust with my superiors, which allowed me to grow exponentially. Emotionally, the most important thing was to accept the highs and lows of this experience. Being far away not only from my family and friends but also from society on a mountain, allowed me to discover myself and eliminate my fear of solitude. I know that implementing certain actions when emotions are involved may not be easy. But critically evaluating them and continuing to grow is an aspect that can largely determine whether the experience in Australia will be positive or negative.

In my work experience as a chef, I learned to:

1-Take advantage of this experience and live it to the fullest.

2-Understand that it will always be challenging to step out of our comfort zone.
3-Recognize that only we have the power to minimize our fears.
4-Be aware of all the things we gain by stepping out of our usual environment.

What can go wrong?

Author: Juan Vanoli

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